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Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken is so good! I devoured it so fast. Etta Spencer lost the one thing that could help her save the timeline and she doesn't know where she is. She ended up somewhere in history but doesn't know what time period she is in. Then Etta receives help from Julian Ironwood. The Julian Ironwood that is supposed to be dead. Etta finds herself in a power struggle between the major two traveling families.

While Etta is trying to figure out her situation, Nicholas and Sophia are trying to track Etta down. Everyone is searching for the astrolobe in order to change the timeline. When Nicholas and Sophia come across a mercenary-for-hire named Li Min, and they team up for awhile. During this time LI Min makes it known that she has feelings for Sophia.

I really like Wayfarer. I thought Bracken did a wonderful job with the second half of this story. The secondary characters are phenomenal. I loved getting to know Julian Ironwood, Henry Hemlock, and Li Min. These characters really make the story and they are excellent.

Etta really comes into her own in this book. She fights for what she wants. I was rooting for her like crazy. Even though obstacles keep coming her way, she thrives and continues to push towards her goals. Etta not only wants to find the astrolobe but she wants to find Nicholas too. I love that Etta and Nicholas have a love for each other that survives through their separation. I am disappointed that the two didn't have more face time together.

Even though Passenger had a rough start, this duology is amazing. Wayfarer is so good. Bracken did a great job with the writing and the story. Even though the ending isn't as happily ever after as I wanted, I still thought it is really good. I highly recommended Passenger and Wayfarer.

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