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Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth is so good. I know there is so much controversy regarding this book. I even was attacked and unfriended by people who were upset about me posting Instagram pictures. Here is my answer towards all for that, if a book is already on my TBR and there is controversy, I am still going to read the  book. I deserve to form my own opinion. I am not one who decides to read or not read a book because of drama. With that being said here is my review.


I enjoyed Carve the Mark. I liked getting to now Cyra and her story. We don't get to choose our family and some of us are lucky and blessed with a great one, but Cyra was not. Cyra has a cruel father and brother. Cyra's mom tried to help Cyra with her gift until her accidental death. Cyra's gift is a huge burden that controls her entire life. Her brother manipulates her to inflict harm on others.

I really felt sorry for Cyra. I wanted someone to take her pain and inner turmoil away. Then Akos comes into the picture and her gift prevents him from being affected by other gifts. Soon Akos and Cyra become a team and a love interest. I loved seeing these two interact. I think they fit together quite well.

The setting could have used a lot of work. This story is supposed to be taking place on another planet in space but I feel like there was no world building. I am hoping book two will fix this.

Wrapping up this book. All books have problems and issues for someone. I think the best practice to remember is to be kind to others. People will see problems were others don't and everyone is different. Don't turn discussions into bullying. Everyone has their own opinion and they have a right to share it whether they are in the right or wrong. Be respectful to others. Be patient and Be kind.

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