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The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl Release and Paige McKenzie Interview

Interview with Paige

Ali: Welcome Paige to Dazzled by Books. I am so happy to host you today. I wanted to start off today's interview with something fun. What is your favorite book of 2017 so far?

Paige: I'm currently reading Anna Kendrick's Scrappy Little Nobody and loving it. I consider it sort of a how-to guide for surviving Hollywood. Plus, she's just hilarious.

A: How does it feel to have completed your first book series?

P: Surreal. I've been working on Sunshine in general since 2010 but the books have been such a big part of my life for the last three years. I have been in pre-pub, writing, pre-launch, launch or post-book launch (many often at the same time)  continuously for three years. And of course, now I'm thinking about what's my next book series! It's not ever really a feeling like I'm done. It's just "what's next!?".

A: Did you always want to be a writer?

P: There was never a time when I thought "I don't want to be a writer". But it wasn't necessarily on my dream board. I enjoy writing and it was such a natural next step in the Sunshine universe so I'm glad I had the opportunity!

A: Do you see yourself writing another book series?

P: I for sure will do another book or books series at some point. And who knows, this might not even be the end of the Sunshine journey!

 A:  Are there any plans with Disney to continue Misfits?

P: I so loved doing Misfits for Disney! What a great change of pace to do something that was a little bit more family-friendly than what I normally do. I am hoping that we will get a chance to explore that world further but there's no news I can announce on that yet!

A:  What do you want to do next in your career?

P: The list is long! I know I'll be super busy once the TV show is filming but even while that is happening, I want to be continuing with the YouTube and whatever book series I decide to do next, and always always always creating.

 A: What inspires your writing?

P: Outside of the Sunshine series, most of my writing starts with the question of "what if?" I love to use writing prompts and the darker the better!

 A: What was the hardest part about writing the Sunshine Girl series?


P: With the YouTube I could always sort of just tell whatever story I wanted to tell. As long as my team that helps with the videos liked it, we were all good. With the book series, there's obviously a lot more at stake. The publisher, editor, my co-author, the fans even had a lot more input into what went into or wasn't put into the books. There was a much larger team behind the books. And with more people, comes more opinions. And more conference calls!

A: What is your favorite thing about writing the Sunshine Girl series?

P: Just in general, I love the literary world. It's a very female friendly industry. I've met so many fascinating women who are strong and capable and talented and I love being surrounded by them. It doesn't hurt that I've also got to meet some of my favorite authors like Sarah Dessen and R.L. Stein!


A: Sunshine finds out a lot about herself in this series. Is there anything specific you hope resonates with your readers?

P: I really love the idea of a girl even as she discovers her powers still having as much of a normal life as she can. A good relationship with her mother, friends, crushes, homecoming dances. I feel like every person at some point has to figure out how to balance their life. So hopefully readers will connect with Sunshine's journey and see their own path in there somewhere.

 A: What is your favorite part of the Sunshine Girl universe including everything you have created (YouTube, book series, etc.)

P: There's actually one specific video that I still am so proud of. It's called "The Investigation of Sunshine Girl" and it's one of the longer videos that sort of a standalone where some paranormal investigators come check out what is haunting her house. It's just so funny and we had so much fun filming it. I also really enjoyed making the New York Times bestseller list. I mean, who wouldn't?!

Bonus Questions:

A:  Do you know the muffin man?

P: I know the gluten-free muffin man

A:  Disney Princess or Disney Villain? Why?

P: I will take either the Disney princess or the Disney villain as long as they take me as their plus-one to Disneyland. I'm obsessed with that place. I even have an old souvenir from the Golden Corral restaurant in Disneyland. It's a horse shoe that says "good luck from Disneyland". It hangs on my wall and I see it as I walk out the door every day. I just feel better knowing that Disneyland is on my side.

A: Good answer. I love when the answers are more creative. Thank you for stopping by today. I love this series and I expect that many others do too. Happy Release Week!

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