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By Your Side by Kasie West

By Your Side by Kasie West was not everything that it could have been. west had the perfect setting a library. A girl and a boy locked in said library is even better. So why am I so-so about this book?

What I liked:

  • Dax: he had a pro and con list and the pros won so he has been added to the like list.

  • it was light, fluffy, and fast

  • Autumn's family is great. Autumn has really supportive parents that care about her health and mental health. I really enjoyed reading about their family dynamic.

What I didn't like:

  • The characters are locked in a library but there is no appreciation for this scenario at all. They could have been locked in Walmart and the story would have carried on exactly the same.

  • All libraries I've been to have desk where were the phones?

  • Autumn is extremely whiny

  • Autumn's friends. Seriously? Are these kids un-observant all the time?

  • Why does Autumn's anxiety need to be such a secret?

  • This is one of the worst love triangles I have ever seen.

  • There is no emotion.

My wrap is that I have no idea. I usually enjoy Kasie West's books and this one missed the mark. There is no connection to the characters. The writing had no emotion.  I wish this book was so much more. Being locked int he library could have been so much more interesting.


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