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The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris is amazing ya'll. I love this story. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Rachel Harris'. Hannah's story is by far one of my favorites. Hannah Fisher is such a relate-able character. I really enjoyed getting to know her.

My favorite trope is the friends to lovers. I find something so romantic about it. Hannah and Deacon have been friends for what seems like forever. Readers, I can't begin to tell you that the friendship these two have is one that all people should strive to have. These two love and care for each other deeply. They would do anything for each other.

These two are more than just friends. They are family. On top of that you add a sweet little boy named Max. Hannah has helped Deacon with Max for Max's whole life. All Max knows is that he has the perfect family.

Hannah and Deacon have quite a story and I am glad I go to enjoy the ride. Hannah needed to build self-confidence and learn that she is worth love. Deacon needs to learn that he is worthy to give love and be loved. These two go on an amazing adventure of life. They each learn their own lessons and I really enjoyed how they grew together. The important lesson will always be about love.

Thank you Rachel Harris for bringing Hannah into my life.

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