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Of Neptune by Anna Banks

Of Neptune by Anna Banks is a great conclusion to the Syrena series. Emma is told about a secret place of Syrena half-breeds. Gaelin and Emma end up finding this place and of course Emma wants to stay and learn more.

Gaelin and Emma get into a fight and Gaelin takes off. Emma being stranded in Neptune decides to learn everything she can about this town. It definitely helps that Reed, a Syrena half-breed is there to keep Emma company. Reed is definitely a relentless flirt and Emma isn't totally sure what to think.

Gaelin and Emma have issues just like any other couple. I really liked that nothing is perfect for those two. Banks does a great job in making them a couple you can relate too and understand. Relationships are messy and they aren't always perfect. I will always be rooting for these two.

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