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Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco is amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I seem to have a thing for historical murder mystery books. This story is delightful and dark, which drew me in right away. I actually only had two guesses as to who the murderer was and one of my guesses was right!

The characters in this book are fantastic. I really enjoyed Audrey Rose. she knows what she wants and isn't going to let anyone stop her. Audrey Rose is strong and determined. She is so smart and I am glad she doesn't take crap from the boys. When Audrey Rose becomes so involved with this case, she begins to investigate on her own. She begins to completely immerse herself in this case hoping to catch the killer.

Thomas Cresswell is Audrey Rose's uncle's apprentice. He is very intellectual and definitely challenges Audrey Rose at every turn. I loved how reserve he is yet he seems to gain a soft spot for Audrey Rose. Cresswell loves to tease Audrey Rose and I enjoy their reactions a lot. I found myself anxiously waiting to read about their next interaction. The partnership these two created to investigate this crime became my favorite port of this book.

I also really loved that the end of this story, Kerri Maniscalco states the different facts she used in the story, what she changed, and what she took liberties with because of the lack of information. This is a really cool aspect of this book. Maniscalco did an amazing job with this story. I felt like I was really there being a witness. The writing is done extremely well. I am looking forward to book two.

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