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Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melisaa Bashardoust is magical and addictive. I really enjoyed this loose retelling of Snow White. Bashardoust brings us two strong female characters that share their story. I loved that this book has two points of view. I really fell for both Mina and Lynet.

Let's talk about the characters!

The Men: I will be brief. They are terrible. The Huntsman is probably the nicest one but well he is not idea. In more ways than one. The King is so infuriating. He is selfish, oblivious, mean, and well stupid. He makes such a disappointing father. I wish he was a better person but I can't help but feel bad for every person he emotionally hurt. Gregory. Gregory is the true villain of this story. He is a terrible father as well. Mina deserved so much better. Gregory is too controlling and I disliked him right away.

Now the women.

Nadia was so wishy-washy to me. I never liked or trusted her. I guess she proved to be a better person in the end. But I still don't trust her as far as I can through her.

Mina. Mina has always wanted better for her life. With Gregory as a father, Mina hasn't had the best childhood. her mother has died so it has been very hard not having a mother around. After Gregory helps the king with the saving of the King's daughter, Minda and her father move to court. This is when Mina meets the King. Mina becomes infatuated with the king and wants to be queen. But with becoming queen comes becoming a step-mother. Mina started to form a bond with Lynet and even began to care for the girl. Mina is such a complex character that I loved her so much. She had her moments. She definitely had her evil queen moments but I think she truly is an amazing character.

Lynet. Lynet is a princess. She has been brought up to live in the shadow of her mother. Her father, the king, just wants her to be like her mother. All she ever hears is how much she looks like her and should act like her because she is such a delicate flower. Lynet just wants to be her own person. She wants to grow up and just be her. She is tired of living in a shadow of a mother that she has never known. I really loved how Lynet fell in love with Mina as a mother.

Character Wrap Up

I really liked how Mina and Lynet didn't loathe each other for no reason. They have a complex relationship just like any other relationship out there. Not everything is perfect but at the same time you get to see how they think about the conflicts they are having. I really enjoyed this part of these two characters. Girls Made of Snow and Glass really snows some great character relationships. I feel like as a reader you will be able to relate to at least one of the relationships in this book.

The Story!

This story is so beautiful. I just couldn't get enough of it. This story was able to draw me in right away and was completely hooked. I wanted to know what was going to happen in every second of this book. Bashardoust kept me guessing on these characters. I had so many theories on what was going to happen and I have to say that I was wrong at every turn. Bashardoust writes this world where you can imagine what you think will happen next but, Bashardoust will surprise you at every turn.

I think my biggest improvement for this book would be the setting. The setting could have been described a lot more. There really wasn't a whole lot of world building. But at the same time, I didn't feel like this made the story lacking either.

Buddy Reading.

I actually had the opportunity to buddy read this book with three other amazing women. I have to say it made reading this story even better. We were able to discuss our thoughts and opinions and each of use thought something different even when we had some similarities. Hopefully we can do this again with another book.

Final Thoughts.

My final thoughts on this book is that you have to read it. It is absolutely amazing and you won't regret it. The writing is incredibly beautiful. The characters are very well written. This story is one you can devour immediately. I found Girls Made of Snow and Glass to be quite magical. I loved how it focused on the theme of friends and family. If you haven't had a chance to read Girls Made of Snow and Glass yet, you will definitely need to get your hands on a copy. This book should be on your TBR.

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