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Reawakened by Colleen Houck

Reawakened by Colleen Houck drew me in right away. I've been waiting for all three books to be published so I can binge read all of the books. I learned with the Tiger's Curse series that Houck is one to leave you hanging, so you will need the next book right away. Reawakened brings you a very entertaining action packed adventure in Egypt.

Lily Young is an heiress. All she wants is to choose her own path and become the person she wants to be. She feels so much pressure from her parents. They have her whole life planned for her. Lily isn't sure she wants to take the path her parents have planned. As Lily considers what her future may look like, she ends up getting startled by a guy in a terry cloth.

Enter Amon. A mummy come to life. Amon uses his power to connect himself to Lily using her as as his life source. Amon did not awaken where he was supposed too and his jars are missing. Amon and Lily are off to Egypt to the place where Amon was supposed to awaken. Then from there they need to awaken Amon's brothers.

I really enjoyed Reawakened. Houck brings a great story and great characters. I loved Amon and the way he processed the world Lily lives in. Life has definitely changed since the last time Amon was awake. Some of my favorite moments are when Amon needed to get transportation. I couldn't help but giggle when Amon called taxi's golden chariots. Houck brings three charming Egyptian Princes to life and I loved every bit of it.

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