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Recreated by Colleen Houck

Recreated by Colleen Houck is full of adventure. Lily is depressed because her Egyptian Prince is no longer. After begging her parents to allow her to visit her grandmother, Lily is off to spend sometime in the country. Soon after arriving at her grandmother's, Lily is summoned for another quest. Lily is off to save Amon from the after world.

Lily's character development is a whirlwind in Recreated. Lily not only develops as herself but she also gains two other beings that share her body. Lily is destined to become a sphinx. In order to become the sphinx, Lily has to overcome some challenges Tia, a lioness ends up becoming a part of Lily, and I think the way Houck wrote the story worked really well. It is really interesting, the struggle Lily and Tia have in Lily's head. This new Lily is written so well and I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed that we had a chance to get to know a different prince this time around. Astin is a delight to get to know. Both princes were on the journey to find Amon but this book seemed to focus a lot more on Tia and Astin's interactions. It was hard to follow sometimes as to who was actually falling for Astin but I feel like that was the point of the story. Lily's thoughts are blurred because she is sharing her body with Tia, so it makes sens for the reader to feel that way.

The plot in Recreated is extremely enjoyable. Lily's inner battle was quite enjoyable too. I felt like I really got to know the characters well. I've never really thought about Egyptian mythology before but I found myself completely intrigued. To top it all off there is a unicorn in this book! Yes! A Unicorn! So you should get your copy now.

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