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Prism by Nina Walker

Prism by Nina Walker is the first installment of  anew dystopian series. This novel has a really unique magic system. Jessa Loxley is your girl next door...if she had powers.

Jessa thought her life was quite extraordinary until she finds out that she has super powers. Her power allows her to access the color red which is one of the most hardest, most coveted, and most powerful color there is. Each color has a different type of power and use. On top of that, each color has different levels of magic too. Of course, Jessa becomes a target due to her power.

Not only do we have magic but we also have royalty. The King is after Jessa, because Jessa will add to his power since she has access to the red powers. Prince Lucas sweeps in and saves the day, but little does Jessa know that Prince Lucas has motives of his own. Of course, this complicates things and creates drama. Jessa learns that she may be a pawn to others but he doesn't always need to be one. As Jessa begins to have more confidence in herself, she turns from a pawn to a player in this magical world.

Walker creates quite the unique and interesting fantasy world. I found myself being drawn into this story and characters. Walker's writing is beautiful and descriptive. The magic system is so complex and unique. I love how interesting everything in this book is. I am definitely looking forward to more from Nina Walker.


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