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The Fire Queen by Emily R. King

The Fire Queen by Emily R. King is an amazing follow up to The Hundredth Queen. Fair warning, this book can't be read without reading the first book or a lot of events and conversations won't make sense.

Kalinda is finally free from her new husband but her country is falling to pieces. She is off on an adventure to find her late husband's first born Prince Ashwin. The last thing that Kalinda wants is to be Queen. On this strange journey, Kalinda's group splits up and Kalinda is taken straight to the Prince.

When Kalinda arrives at the Janardanian Palace, she finds it hard to trust anyone. Prince Ashwin wants Kalinda to fight in another tournament which will result in Ashwin's wedding to the winner. All of Kalinda's friends have been taken captive as soon as they arrived. Of course, Kalinda doesn't even know they arrived. Ashwin and Kalinda are forbidden to see their people until after the tournament is over.

I really enjoyed the second installment of this book. The Bhuta warriors are treated a bit differently int his book. I am sure book three is going to be amazing and I can't wait to read it.

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