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The Speaker Blog Tour: Review and Bookish Candle


The Speaker by Tracci Chee is such an amazing sequel to The Reader. I was so excited to return to the land of Kelanna. Sefia and Archer are on the run and they end up with a group of kids that are like Archer. Sefia and Archer find out that this group of kids are on a mission of retribution and so Archer is danger of losing himself to his dark side again. The Speaker focuses on Archer a bit more in this book than Sefia. There is an odd form of fellowship with these kids that have been trained to be killers.

In this book we are introduced to some new points of view. I found myself being less interested in Arc and Eduoar's point of view and just wanted to get back to Sefia and Archer. As a reader, I was able to get to know more of Archer's internal struggle but also his really sweet moments. I love that he just wants to be the best that he can be for Sefia. The Speaker gives you a deeper look into the world and history of Kelanna. I really enjoyed getting to know Kelanna more. This is such a complicated world and I enjoy all of Chee's creativity. She brings us an amazing world and we get to learn more about the Guard and their role in this story. I loved getting to know more about why words and reader is forbidden.

Now I am still completely lost but I am still enjoying the fact that I am lost. There is just so much to this world and it is a lot of fun to dive into. I feel like this book opened up even more possibilities for this world. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.

Bookish Candles:

I own Stub Tail Candle Co. and I enjoy making bookish and fandom candles. You can find us here. 

A few things I look forward when I am finding inspiration for a candle is what does the book say. The author has already done most of the work for me by writing their amazing book, so all I have to do it pay attention. Creating a candle is hard work but I find it quite rewarding once I have this perfect beautiful candle in my position. I strive to make sure it looks beautiful but also smells amazing. Everyone loves a candle that actually fills up the room with a lovely smelling scent.

Without giving too many of my secrets away, I took some pictures of the amazing Speaker candle that we came up with. I hope you all enjoy and love it!

I was so excited to dive in and start creating this candle. I wanted to show off the purple and pink of the beautiful cover of The Speaker and I also wanted to show off the gold lettering. The scents needed to fit with the book and the writing of the author.

What does the Speaker candle smell like?

Scent Guide:

Wind, Snow, Earth, Smoke, and Sage

I wanted this candle to make you feel like you could smell the earth.

Below is some gorgeous pictures of the candle and this amazingly beautiful book. I hope you enjoy The Speaker as much as I did. This candle is now currently listed in our shop if you would like to add it to your bookish candle collection.

You can find Stub Tail Candle Co. on Instagram at @stubtailcandleco.

You can find Me on Instagram at @love2dazzle.



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