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Everless by Sara Holland

Everless by Sara Holland is so good. This story was so much more than what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it. Everless starts out a bit slow but I found that it began to pick up the pace as we were introduced to the castle of Everless. Once inside Everless, I feel like there was so much going on.

Jules lives in a world where time is drawn from your blood and is turned into currency. Punishment comes from your blood. You pay your bills with your blood. It is quite interesting to see how these people are treated in this kingdom. I was quite surprised with how well this idea is thought out and created in this story. Holland really thought this process out and how it would work in this world. I was definitely impressed.

Holland's writing is so good. I can't believe this is her first book. Holland I need so much more of your writing! The world building is so good. (See paragraph one) Everything is thought out to every dotted "I" and crossed "T". As I became more immersed into the story, the more I didn't want to put the book down, let alone have it end.

I really could go on and on about this book but I don't want to end up spoiling something for you. This book is so good that I will recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed the characters and the world building. Check out Everless! It is beautiful and gorgeous and will look great on your bookshelf.


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