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Jane, Unlimited

Jane, Unlimited took me on a confusing roller coaster ride. I've heard so many mix reviews about this book that I've been a bit wishy-washy about starting it. Jane, Unlimited has one of those covers that you keep going back to cause SHINY! I broke down and started the book. Now I feel like I've been on a roller coaster ride because there is so much going on. I am going to break my reactions down.


I've made it through the introduction and first story. I've enjoyed it so far once I got to the first story. The introduction is a bit slow. As I am going through the first story, I wasn't sure what is going cause it seems like the story is wrapping up but I have three-fourths of the book to go. On to the Research.

The Research:

I feel a bit confused by Jane, Unlimited, so I wanted to figure out what this book was about without spoiling it for myself. Here is what I learned. This is designed like a choose your own adventure novel except the main character Jane is the one choosing her own adventure. Second, you don't have to read the stories in order but it is highly recommended. Last, but not least, every story will overlap with another one to give you, as the read, the full 360 degree view.

After finding out this information, I felt a bit less confused and more enlightened. Back to the story I went.


I am more than halfway through the story number two. Story two reveals a lot more to what is really going on. I feel like Jane, Unlimited is giving you more of the paths that Jane could choose, not that she does all of it...or maybe she does. Story three is a bit weird. I am not sure how I feel about this one just yet. Story three is quite gross too. This one is my least favorite so far. Oh! So it seems that these are alternate pathways. Basically depending on what decision Jane makes is what path becomes the reality. I find myself being quite intrigued with this book. Story number five comes with a lot of surprises.

It is weird to think that our choices can have multiple pathways for our life. Your life goes a certain way due to your choices. Can you imagine all the different paths you could have taken?

Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore definitely took me by surprise. I found myself really enjoying this unique novel. I haven't read Cashore's other books, so I didn't come into the story with any expectations. This book is so unique and I really enjoyed it.

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