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Not All Bloggers Stay At Home

As the more I get to know people and work with the book blog community, I find that there is a stereo-type or an assumption. People assume that you are a stay at home mom or a student. Well guess what, I have a day job. I go to work at the early hours of the morning and come home at night to take care of my home.

I understand that as a blogger (a book blogger, specifically), we are agreeing to deadlines for reviews and posts because we want to help promote the author. Here is the thing, I usually meet all my deadlines but occasionally life happens. Life happens to everyone not just me. When unexpected things happen, publishers are super understanding, even authors are understanding most of the time, but tour companies are not.

I don't know why the attitude changes, but it seems to be one strike and you are out in this community. It doesn't seem that the amount of time you've worked with them doesn't seem to matter. You may be sitting at home wondering what does this have to do with my original point; I am getting there.

Most people assume that you are available twenty-four seven when you are a blogger or maybe they think that you should be. The world doesn't work that way. As much as I love blogging and posting reviews, this is not a hobby that I get paid for, so I have to make income somewhere. Hence, the day job. When I am at my day job, that means I am not available for 9-12 hours a day. This does not include all the home chores that one needs to find time for.

If you are a stay at home individual that has all the time in the world, I applaud you, it must be great. There are individuals who stay home that have busy lives. Raising kids is a job all on its own. I'm not sure where the prescriptions tarted that book bloggers are home and available all the time. Guess what? Most people work and have lives. I would love to be home and get paid to read but I don't think it will happen.

My request with this long winded post is to be more considerate to others and their time. You may get paid or not to set up tours and promos but most of us do not. I know that I don't get paid for any posts that go up on my blog. Most of the time there really anything in this for me besides the fact that I love to do it. Don't send threatening emails about deadlines and response times because all that does is make you look bad. Remember we are doing this work for free. We are not paid to do this.

Now don't get me wrong, I love doing what I do. I get to meet other bloggers and authors and make connections. I just wish others would be more understanding and treat every blogger with kindness. Happy Blogging.

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