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Huntress by Julie Hall (Audiobook Review)

No one’s afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey’s―at least that’s what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity. She’s convinced God’s made a cosmic mistake; after all, she’d rather discuss the color of her nails than break them on angelic weapons.

It doesn’t help that her trainer, Logan, is as infuriating as he is attractive. And just when Audrey and Logan appear close to developing an amicable relationship, a decision made under duress pushes their hearts in a direction neither of them saw coming.

Despite her sub-par fighting abilities, an ancient weapon of unparalleled power chooses Audrey as its wielder, attracting the cautious gazes of her fellow hunters and the attention of Satan himself. With Satan’s eyes now fixed on Audrey, a battle for the safety of the living looms in the shadows.

Favorite Quotes:

“Well, I’m really sorry I didn’t get in better shape before I died. Had I known I’d be working with a bunch of meatheads for eternity, I’m sure I would have prepared a little better.”

“For there are times when your eyes will be deceived, and you will need to rely on the truth burried in your heart to overcome.”

“Not to say I have any secrets, but that if I did they would remain that way. No offense, but I’m kind of a private guy.”


I have already read the Huntress by Julie Hall but I had the opportunity to review the audio-books, so I jumped on it. Audrey finds herself suddenly dead. She has to cope how she feels about being in the afterlife. One of the things that I really enjoyed about Audrey is that she was always fighting for herself. If she didn't agree with something than she brought it up. She didn't just give in to what everyone else wanted. 

Audrey gets assigned to the job of being a demon hunter. She feels like this was evaluated wrong. She starts training with Logan. Logan isn't very thrilled to have her on his team. Everything seems to change when a powerful weapon chooses Audrey. Then Audrey not only has to deal with everything being so new but now she has to deal with Satan interfering in her life as well. 

Julie Hall paints a beautiful heaven. I really enjoyed the world she built. I was glad that she didn't go over the top with descriptions because really no one knows what heaven looks like but it was nice to have something beautiful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place.

I really enjoyed the fact that this book wasn't completely focuses on romance. Yes, there is some romance in this book but it isn't about sexual tension and who wants to get in who's pants. It is more about that connection that you have with someone. I really enjoyed it in this book. I really enjoyed the conversations and interactions between the two characters.

I think Vanessa Moyen did a fantastic job with narrating this audio-book. I loved the different character voices that she created. I felt that she was pretty spot on with the way I imagined people in my head. If you can make the voices for different characters that you already won me over. I thought everything was executed quite well. The tone was great. I really enjoyed Moyen's voice and everything. This is definitely a good audio-book to listen too.

About the Author:

Julie Hall is a USA Today bestselling YA fantasy author and 1st place winner of the 2012 Women of Faith national writing contest. She was also awarded "Best Debut Author" at the 2017 Ozarks Indie Book Festival.

Before writing her first novel Julie worked as a film publicist and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous . . . as in she would gently nudge them to let them know their meal had arrived during press interviews.

She now spends most of her "office hours" with her two furry writing buddies. Her daughter thinks that mommy's superpower is “sleeping all day,” but that’s because she’s often awake until the wee hours of the morning weaving tales of adventure in worlds of her own creation. When asked in an interview what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’s quoted to have answered, “to never have to grow up.”

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her four favorite people--her husband, daughter, and two doodles (because dogs are people too).

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