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Undercover Thief by H.T. King

Fourteen-year-old Pamela Torres is an exceptional girl. After her parents abandoned her at the tender age of nine, she had to be to stay alive. But Pam has come a long way from stealing food from the supermarket and huddling beneath shop windows for shelter. Now, Pam and the band of fellow misfit kids who took her in, are some of the most notorious thieves in Underground London. She has a home, a family, and a killer wardrobe, to boot. Life is pretty good.

But when her parents suddenly return to Pam’s childhood home after years of zero communication, Pam’s world is turned upside down. They steal her away from her home and chosen family to enroll her into the Victoria Institute: an American boarding school for spies.

Desperate to get back to the world she knows and loves, and wholly unfamiliar with the concept of homework, Pam does not take the strict, disciplinary vibe of the Victoria Institute – or to her parents, government spies themselves and teachers at the school, who seem to have developed a newfound sense of responsibility for Pam’s wellbeing and education. But what would they do if they knew her true, unlawful identity? What’s more is that something seems off about one of Pam’s classmates… something that could threaten not only the school, but also international government relations and the lives of millions…

Full of humor, heart, and a healthy dose of sass, UNDERCOVER THIEF is a story of adventure, family, and redemption – a must-have for any teen’s book collection.


Undercover Thief by H.T. King was interesting. I felt like a lot of this book was very unrealistic. I felt like the whole life was really lacking in this book. The way the parents are portrayed is super unrealistic. Why wouldn't parents talk tho their own kid or ditch them for six years. I had a really hard time believing that part of the story. Plus no one is perfect especially at 15 so it was really hard to believe that Pam was so perfect.

I really wanted to enjoy this story but it fell super short for me so I was really disappointed. I don't think the idea was executed very well. I really wish it would have been a better book. I would have loved to see Pam be a more developed and well rounded character.

As always I encourage to read a book if you are interested especially because I love to be challenged on my opinions. Don't just take my word for it.

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