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BEAUTIFUL SAVAGES by Julie Capulet is out now! Check out the gorgeous romcom and grab your copy today!

Title: Beautiful Savages

Author: Julie Capulet

Genre: Romcom

About Beautiful Savages:

Five siblings. Five love stories. One murder.   The five Savage siblings and heirs are American royalty. Ares the CEO, Apollo the rock star, Athena the bestselling novelist, Eros the movie star and Artemis the supermodel have it all. But what few people know is that they’d trade all the money and fame in the world for one thing.   As glamorous as their lives may be, what each of them wants is elusive: the same kind of star-crossed love their parents were known for. But nothing is perfect, and not everything is always as it seems. Before they’ll arrive at their happily ever afters—if they can get there at all—they’ll leave a trail of broken hearts, jilted lovers and obsessed fans along the way. And when someone turns up dead at the Wedding of the Year, it’s not clear at first who the victim or killer is, or what the motive might turn out to be …   Beautiful Savages is a fun standalone rom-com with a murder mystery twist.  

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About Julie Capulet:

Julie Capulet writes contemporary romance starring sexy, obsessed alphas and the sweet & sassy women who bring them to their knees. Her stories are inspired by true love and she's married to her own real life hero. When she's not writing, she's reading, walking on the beach, drinking wine and watching rom-coms  

Connect with Julie:

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