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Stay at Home Murderer by Erica S Watson

One Woman’s journey navigating motherhood and postpartum depression. She soon realizes she has lost herself and an identity outside of being a mom. Desperately she tries to hold onto anything that allows her to feel again. She finds taking the lives of others ignites her own spark and she becomes addicted to the rush of power she receives after a kill. Will this new identity consume her? Can she find her way out of the darkness?

This book discusses postpartum depression in an abstract way. It was one mother’s journey through her depression and her journal and fight for survival when things were at their darkest. This is my journey. I wrote this book to help me cope and find a way to hold onto the me I was before giving birth to my second child and not this new angry, resentful person I had become.


Postpartum Depression

Severe Depression

Suicidal thoughts

Suicide attempt


Gun violence

Please seek help if you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide or extreme depression. There are hotlines and agencies to assist you.

National Suicide Hotline


United States dialing code: 988

Postpartum Depression National Hotline

800.944.4PPD (4773)


This book taught me to love yourself. I know it is weird to think that a murder mystery novel could teach you to love yourself, but it did. The theme was more about self care then anything else. I personally have a tendency to put everyone else before myself and my mental health because of this, I felt like I could really relate to Harper. I am in the shadows too.

Harper is a stay at home mom suffering from postpartum depression. She doesn’t feel like herself anymore and she is really struggling to survive. Sometimes she thinks it would be easier to just end her life. Even though I have never suffered from postpartum depression, Harper was written in a way that I could relate to all of her emotions. There have been multiple times in my life that I haven’t felt like myself. Going through my journey of getting diagnosed with Hashimotos disease was one of those times and that took years. I’m was eye opening to see how I can relate to this character.

Now to the nitty gritty of this book. I felt like the story was a little slow at first. I took a little bit for me to become invested. Once I was in, I was in. It was so hard to put this book down. The whole time I was going through the story, I knew something wasn’t right. Spoilers!!! All I can say is I figured out half of the twist but was caught off guard by the other half. Stay at Home Murderer is definitely a book I will recommend. I thought it was thoughtful and entertaining. I loved Harpers self care journey.

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