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Release Day Blitz: Owe Me One by Kay Cove

Owe Me One by Kay Cove is out now! We’re so excited to share this gorgeous new contemporary romance with you–check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Owe Me One

Author: Kay Cove

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Owe Me One:

Quinn is finally enjoying the view from the top in her executive office. Her new position as CMO of a billion-dollar tech company keeps her just busy enough to avoid the gut-wrenching guilt and regret she’s carried around for three years, since the loss of her mother. No one else will see the monster she sees in the mirror as long as she keeps her head down and buried in her work. No one that is until Cody Kartlin comes barreling into the picture, determined to earn her heart by proving that when it comes to high-powered careers—real men aren’t afraid to let a woman take the lead.   Cody’s only had one true love—football. After a career-ending injury, he never thought he’d feel that spark of life again—until he laid eyes on Quinn. His new life game plan immediately becomes a slow play for Quinn’s heart.   When Quinn’s new promotion threatens to send her overseas, Cody gallantly offers to help her stop the transfer by exploiting a company policy loophole. The agreement is simple—Cody marries Quinn, and Quinn just… owes Cody one. It’s not long before what started as paperwork starts feeling like a whole lot more, but right when Cody thinks he’s secured a future with the girl of his dreams, his old flame creeps back into the picture.   A second chance at his football career will force him to choose—the girl, or the game.

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About the Author:

Kay Cove writes contemporary romance novels that are sweet and steamy. She loves strong and witty heroines that aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with an alpha hero. Her favorite writing weapon of choice? Banter.   Born in Colorado Springs, but raised all over (thanks military!), Kay Cove loves hiking on snow-capped mountains, blowing raspberries on her sons’ super pudgy baby bellies, and heated debates with her husband about topics such as the difference between turtles and tortoises, Marvel trivia, and most importantly—who misplaced the remote.   Kay, a former HR professional (survivor), startup junkie, and former CEO of the teeniest, tiniest virtual assistant company, has been writing pretty much forever. She finally decided at age thirty to start writing the stories she loves to read and to actually share the novels she poured countless hours, tears, sweat, and coffee into.  

Connect with the Author:

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