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Release Day Blitz: The Queen's Gamble

We’re so excited to share the release of Nicole Sanchez’s THE QUEEN’S GAMBLE! Check out the gorgeous series and get your copy today!

Title: The Queen’s Gamble

Author: Nicole Sanchez

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

About The Queen’s Gamble:

No matter what move she makes, there will be consequences.   Daphne Hale has transformed from pawn to queen. Or has she?   Daphne's caught once more between the man she loves and the man who seeks to own her. Estranged from Essos and forced to cater to Galen, Daphne fights to navigate the dangerous waters of the Trials as she moves closer to the seemingly inevitable endgame - marriage to the man who murdered her.   As the Underworld itself trembles with unstable power and Daphne’s own magic weakens daily, every move could be her undoing. To protect those she loves, Daphne must go along with the charade. But no one ever won a game of chess by resigning.   This reborn goddess may be in check, but it’s her move.

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Catching Up with the Series:

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The Royal Gauntlet

Exclusive Excerpt:

"Don't pull this shit. You know why I locked you morons in that cabin a million years ago? It's because I knew that, when it came down to it, you were meant to be. There is no one in all of Solarem or on the face of Earth or in the Underworld that can bring my brother to life the way you can, same as he's the only person who can possibly have the patience for you. You bring out the best in each other. Your journey together has been long and hard, but it's not over. So don't you dare give up on him. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Because when it came to you, he never gave up. He pushed and pushed and pushed to get you back, so push for him. Fight for him."

About the Author:

Nicole Sanchez has been writing stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands since before middle school. She lives in New Jersey with her high school sweetheart and love of her life along with their two quirky cats. When she isn't writing or wielding the Force, she can be found traveling the world with her husband or training for her next RunDisney Event.

Connect with the Author:

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