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Release Day: Bailout

We’re so excited to share the release of MM Flynn’s BAILOUT, the gorgeous new release in her Booker series. Check out the series and grab the new book today!

Title: Bailout

Author: M M Flynn

Genre: Celebrity Sports Romance

About Bailout:

The instant connection that sparked in Booker continues in a way that no one expected…   This is the third time my life has fallen apart. What I had pretended to be in the past is now banging on the door of my present. After living so many different lives, each one is a more faded version of myself. Who am I now? Who do I want to be? Does Sam feel my body desperately reaching for his?   I don’t know who I am if I don’t mean anything to Kat. After Kat dropped a bomb on my life, I’m filling my time with parties and fake shit. I need something else to keep me going. Something that won’t make me think about her. I’m somehow still tied to her. Like our connection is too tightly knotted to be unwound. I will always, always crawl back to her. Wherever she is.

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Catching Up with the Series with BOOKER today!

About the Author:

M M Flynn developed a passion for romance novels somewhere between her career as a textbook editor and the throes of motherhood. She currently lives in the heart of the US with her husband, two kids and their pet doodle. With each new book, M continues to captivate readers with her unique storytelling style and ability to create unforgettable, multidimensional characters. Her books have been praised for their ability to bring a fresh perspective to the romance genre, and have earned her a loyal following of fans.  

Connect with the Author:

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