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Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

How do you kill a god?

As her father's chosen heir, eighteen-year-old Rasmira has trained her whole life to become a warrior and lead her village. But when her coming-of-age trial is sabotaged and she fails the test, her father banishes her to the monster-filled wilderness with an impossible quest: To win back her honor, she must kill the oppressive god who claims tribute from the villages each year—or die trying.

329 pages, Hardcover
February 26, 2019 by Feiwel & Friends
9781250189943 (ISBN10: 1250189942)

Book Review:

Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller is such an amazing book. This book is a viking inspired story. Our main character is Rasmira and she is a warrior in training. She is supposed to take over the tribe one day. All viking teenagers have a coming of age trial where they are tested and it is time for Rasmira to attend hers. Rasmira is sabotaged during her trial and because of this, she wasn't able to become successful in winning the test. So she ends up banished to the woods as a punishment with an impossible trial that no one thinks she can complete. The expectation is for her to die in the woods. Rasmira is tasked with killing the god that is terrorizing their village.

Rasmira has lost all hope. She doesn't 'think that she is going to be able to complete this task and she will have to live with the shame of losing her test. Then Rasmira meets Soren and Iric. Two men that were banished to the woods for failing their tests as well. Together they decide that they are going to work together in order to complete their tasks together. They take turns training each other so they can all complete the quests they were given.

I really enjoyed this story. I thought Levenseller did such a great job with it. I am actually sad that I waited so long to read this novel. Levenseller just has a way of sucking you into a good book. Rasmira is an absolute joy to get to know in Warrior of the Wild. Soren and Eric are such great characters as well. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable adventure. I really hope Levenseller decides to return to this world some day because I would love to get an update on these characters and see where they are at now.

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