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Excerpt Reveal: Central Park Collision

We’re sharing an excerpt from Nicole Sanchez’s romance, Central Park Collision! Check out the gorgeous excerpt and be sure to grab your copy of the romance today!

Title: Central Park Collison

Author: Nicole Sanchez

About Central Park Collision:

Can a girl with no past have a future with the man responsible for stealing her memories?   Elia Daniels can’t remember the last five years of her life. She doesn’t remember having a falling out with her best friend or where she works. And more importantly, why was she riding her bike through Central Park in the middle of the night. Understanding what drove her into the rain that night feels like the missing piece. When her search reveals that no one is looking for her, she’ll have to rely on the help of the workaholic millionaire who feels responsible for her accident.   Charles Breckenridge, III hasn’t taken a day off in years from his father’s private equity firm. When the taxi he’s in hits Elia in the middle of a storm, nothing is the same again. For the first time in ten years, he’s stepping away from work and focusing on Elia. She’s stubborn and brave in ways that he’s never encountered, but she’s lost in a way that drives him to help her. His father, his best friend, and his ex-fiancée are determined to undermine their relationship at every turn.   As the relationship between Elia and Charles heats up in the tight quarters of his apartment, they have to decide if they want to pursue the other in spite of the power balance between them. At every turn, there seem to be detractors working against them. Is fate enough to keep them together or will other forces both known and unknown keep them apart?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Charlie is sitting near me on the floor and during my crying jag, he cradles me to his chest. He eventually lifts me into his lap, when he senses the shift in tears from physical pain to emotional pain. He doesn’t say anything; he does try to shush my tears and soothe me. He rocks me against him, trying to find something without words that can offer me comfort. We don’t acknowledge the open oven door or the other food still burning inside. “I’m so sorry,” I finally manage once my crying has slowed. I’m reaching up and wiping my tears when Charlie pulls back and looks at my face. He’s pensive, one brow ticking down. “What for?” He brushes the hair from my face and gently cups my cheeks. “Everything? I ruined dinner, to start. I’ve crashed into your life without a care. I’ve--” “You’ve made my life so much more than it used to be,” he says, his voice rough. And then he is kissing me. His mouth is soft, so much softer than I would have guessed.  

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About the Author:

Nicole Sanchez has been writing stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands since before middle school. She lives in New Jersey with her high school sweetheart and love of her life along with their two quirky cats. When she isn't writing or wielding the Force, she can be found traveling the world with her husband or training for her next RunDisney Event.  

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