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Series Blitz: Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Trilogy by Ellie Horn

We are so excited to help Ellie Horn announce the upcoming release of her new Centaur trilogy within the Warrior Hearts Academy series! Check it out and be sure to pre-order Centaur Rift today!

Title: Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Rift

Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 13th

About Centaur Rift:

CENTAUR RIFT: The first book in the Warrior Hearts Academy Centaur Trilogy. I thought I understood the way the world worked. Family was something other people had. Trust was rewarded with betrayal. And survival depended upon brains and brawn. Until a stallion in a moonlit cornfield proves that everything I had ever believed is a lie. Because he isn’t exactly a horse. Although after shifting into six and a half feet of gorgeous human warrior, he’s certainly hung like one. Consider me awestruck. Or completely unhinged, more likely. This guy threatens both my sanity and the walls built around my heart. But he also houses a destructive secret. When he tells me he was once a Centaur who lived in another realm, my jaw drops even further. Just how broken is this dude? To show he’s not, he takes me through a portal and reveals that werewolves, dragons, and warlocks are real. Some of them horrify me, others call to my heart—and a few do both. Could things get any crazier? Apparently so. Turns out, I have secrets of my own. Who knew?

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Coming Soon:

Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Bolt - October 27th

Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Soar - November 10th


Phoenix Fall

Phoenix Burn

Phoenix Rise


About the Author:

Ellie Horn is the pen name of a dark, reverse harem, paranormal/fantasy romance duo who take writing far more seriously than they do themselves.  

Connect with the Author:

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