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Release Day Blitz: Wicked Destiny

We are so excited to announce the release of Wicked Destiny by Isra Sravenheart! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Wicked Destiny

Author: Isra Sravenheart

Genre: Dark Fantasy

About Wicked Destiny:

Samuel saved Isra in the nick of time before doing something abhorrent after her dalliance with warlock Shamus however her coming of age is still a pressing issue. Astrid is concerned that housing Isra in Spirisity will not only be problematic but also troubling for her. Astrid continues to look out for Isra believing they have a strong friendship as time goes on. Meanwhile Samuel returns to Fyve Oaks informing Shamus's father of what his son has done, considering the matter dealt with much to Maurice's dismay as he cannot believe what Shamus enacted towards the witch Isra. Isra appears to be surviving the experience well but is far from untouched by it as Astrid keenly observes from his own interactions with her. He pleads to Samuel to show some restraint only for the light-bringer to refuse insisting that Spirisity is the perfect place to keep watch on Isra and also control her. However when tragedy strikes in Isra's heart causing her to run from her highly charged emotions Astrid immediately goes after her warning that Samuel will be on the warpath but Samuel is watching Astrid and Isra very closely. Has Samuel stumbled upon the idea that Astrid may well be more to Isra than just a guide and confidant? With many puzzles unfolding that reveal Astrid to be more than meets the eye Samuel's frustration is clear as he struggles to unravel the mystery. With Samuel just waiting for Isra to unleash her darkness feeling as though she's a threat to the world. Will Astrid say nothing as Isra is forced into the humble domicile Spirisity to begin her darkness prevention training or will he seek out higher powers in order to save Isra from the wrath of the light bringer? One thing is certain though: Only two souls as powerful as Astrid and Isra would have the light bringer so rattled that he'd consider the unthinkable in order to keep them at bay from each other and the world. USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Isra Sravenheart brings you the collision between destiny, friendship and a power hungry light bringer that is determined to act out his will. The only thing is who will falter and who will triumph as wickedness is very much at the forefront?

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About the Author:

  I'm not very good at talking about myself in the third person. Isra is an eccentric author whose heart resides with the dark fantasy but also the paranormal genres. Cats and coffee are her main interests. She's also a pretty badass witch and often envisions new adventures involving dragons, witches, warlocks and really likes villains. When she's not writing she's rewatching Supernatural for the umpteenth time and thirsting over Jensen Ackles. 不不不不不不  

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