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Excerpt Reveal: Guarding Adelaide by PJ Fiala

PJ Fiala is joining us today to share an excerpt from her brand new release, GUARDING ADELAIDE! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Guarding Adelaide

Author: PJ Fiala

Genre: Small Town Romance/Protector Romance

About Guarding Adelaide:

Enjoy this steamy small-town protector romance by USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala.   She’s following in her father’s footsteps as a GHOST Operative. He’s the best communications specialist around and is about to embark on his biggest job yet. Their roles merge as a war breaks out that neither of them saw coming.   When the job can only be handled by the team that doesn’t exist, you call GHOST.   Adelaide Masters knew what she wanted from her earliest memories. Her cousins, Maya and Myles, along with the other children whose parents were special operatives with GHOST, were her constant companions growing up. Working under the watchful eyes of her family was the experience of a lifetime, but she’s ready to set out on her own. Being selected for the Glen Hollow, Kentucky office gave her the chance to put her unique skillset as a medic trained operative to the test.   Rafe Martin is living his dream as a government communications specialist. His new job is his biggest yet, set up communications to the new military base being constructed just outside of Glen Hollow Kentucky. He’s been informed of the unrest in the area, but that wasn’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before. Progress is usually met with opposition. He’s determined to build his network and bring this job in under budget.   When a nasty war breaks out between the towns people and their counterparts up in the hills regarding the communication network, Rafe sees things in a different light. What he didn’t expect was his role changing from communications expert to Guarding Adelaide.   Guarding Adelaide is the Fifth novel in the GHOST Legacy Romantic Suspense Series, although all books in the GHOST Legacy world can be read as stand-alones. A steamy romantic story with a guaranteed happily ever after, it does have some strong language and exciting sexy times. Enjoy Rafe and Adelaide!  

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Merging into the traffic, he let out a deeply held breath, and put his mind to the task and what he'd done in the past on missions. As his thoughts were organizing themselves, she interrupted them. "You're right in that it's better to have backup. But, for the record, I could have slipped into the house unseen, gotten what I needed and slipped out without issue." His eyes landed on hers for a moment. He dreaded looking away from her. She had a soft serene beauty that invited his attention. Not that she tried to get it. And that was the thing about her. She was guileless. She didn't seem to care if he noticed her or not. She was just who she was and that was likely the biggest appeal of all to him. He'd known plenty of women who played games and craved attention. Adelaide was just the opposite - attention would get her noticed. And a special operative didn't want to be noticed. "I have no doubt you could perform your job at the highest level Addy. I just thought you should have someone watching your back." Her head nodded slightly as she sat back in the seat. His back relaxed slightly as the heaviness of the previous few minutes subsided. She smiled slightly. "Thank you."

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About the Author:

USA Today Best Selling Author, PJ Fiala, has independently published multiple romance novels over the years. Focusing primarily on romantic suspense, she weaves a little bit of reality with a little bit of make-believe to create stories with heat, heart and all the feels. PJ lives in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area but travels to destinations unknown via motorcycle. Spending time with her grandmother Ruth, in Kentucky has helped to mold PJ into a person who enjoys life on the farm as well as life in the burbs. But it was romance novels that took her to places she’d only dreamed of and solidified her love of all things romance and swoony. Her family keeps her feet on the ground when her mind travels too far from home, delivering both a reality check and a nudge to keep it real.

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