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Excerpt Reveal: Come to Me by Jenna Harte

Jenna Harte is excited to share an excerpt from her upcoming small town romance, Come To Me! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: Come To Me

Author: Jenna Harte

Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 17th

About Come To Me:

In a tug of war between family duty and true love, which will win?   Dr. Patrick Andres has it all – handsome looks, mega wealth, and professional success…or does he?   Suffocating under the weight of guilt and failure both personally and professionally, Patrick seeks an escape at a quaint lakeside resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains to sort out his life. His plan quickly backfires when a flat tire leaves him stranded in the heat and humidity without phone service, and a spirited woman wearing red Converse sneakers and red lipstick offers him a helping hand he stubbornly refuses.   Michaela is amused by the handsome, disheveled, out-of-place man at the side of the road who refuses her help. But that’s okay. She has her hands full trying to keep her family’s lakeside resort from going bankrupt, assisting her ailing father, and helping her nephew deal with the loss of his mother.   Patrick quickly learns that he's not suited for the mountains. Luckily Michaela is there to help him, and while they come from different worlds, it doesn't take long for them to discover one thing they have in common—a burning mutual attraction. And what better way to distract from life’s challenges than a short-term, no-string-attached fling?   Patrick is supposed to be finding himself but instead he can’t keep his mind or his hands off the sexy southern beauty. Michaela just wants a distraction from the challenges of life, but finds herself consumed by the sexy city slicker’s sweet kisses and hot caresses. As the summer heats up, their fling blooms into something more.   But when a family emergency pulls Patrick back north, he has to decide if he’s going to obey family duty or follow his heart.   This small town romance novel is ideal for readers who enjoy reading HEA contemporary romances with strong independent women and billionaire men who fall hard despite their best efforts not to. This southern romance is part of the Southern Heat series that takes place in rural Virginia but can be read as a stand-alone.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Michaela turned to walk out the door and an uncontrollable need to keep her there had Patrick saying, “Ms. Kincaid?” She gave him that bright sassy smile. “I think we can go back to Micki.” “Michaela,” he said, noting the same slight blush to her cheek that he’d seen the night before when he called her by her given name. It must have been what had him moving toward her. He was like a moth enraptured by the fire in her eyes. “Am I really an enigma?” She narrowed her eyes, studying him. “A little. You’re more like a wrapped box. I’m dying to know what’s inside. What about you? Am I an enigma?” He took a chance, gently tugging on a loose dark curl. “A little. Mostly I’m fascinated by you.” She gave him that bright smile again like he’d given her gift. “Really? I’m just a country girl. Not much to be fascinated by.” “I disagree.” His gaze drifted to her lips. Those red, ripe lips that his mouth salivated to taste. What would she do if he kissed her? But Patrick was nothing if not a gentleman, so he tore his gaze away back up to her blue eyes shining at him with intrigue. “Do you want to kiss me, Dr. Andres?” Her boldness surprised and thrilled him all at once. “It’s Patrick. And yes, I want to kiss you, Michaela.” Taking another chance, he moved closer to her and was relieved that she didn’t move away. “Do you want me to kiss you?” She shook her head and all the sensual sensations drained from his body. Before he could step back, she gripped his shirt. “I want to kiss you, Patrick.” It took him a second to compute her words. When they registered, all the heat and titillation returned. “Is it a competition?” he asked, setting his hand on her waist. “No.” “Perhaps we could kiss each other then?” He’d never been one for banter, so he wasn’t sure where this was coming from. All he knew was that he was feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long time. Excitement. Surprise. Attraction. Happiness. “I like that idea. Should we start soon, or do we need to schedule a time?” Ah the things that came out of her delectable mouth. He decided no words were needed. Instead, he dipped his head, closing the distance between them.  

About the Author:

Jenna Harte is a die-hard romantic writing about characters who are passionate about and committed to each other, and frequently getting into trouble. She is the author of the Valentine Mysteries, the first of which, Deadly Valentine, reached the quarter-finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award in 2013. She entered into a three-book deal for a romance series, Southern Heat, with Penner Publishing in 2015, but recently got the rights back to those three books and self-published them.   At the urging of her agent, she penned a cozy mystery, the first of which, Death of Debtor, came out in 2019. Death of a Coupon Queen released in July 2021, and she’s finished the third book, Death of a Miser should release in 2022. The Sophie Parker Coupon Mysteries are ideal for cozy readers who like quirky characters and humor in their mysteries.   She has a bundle of stories filled with romance, mystery, and even time travel rattling around in her head, and is eager for the day when a device is invented allowing her to download what’s in her brain onto her computer.   When she’s not telling stories, she works by day as a romance ghostwriter and online entrepreneur. She lives in central Virginia with her husband and a nutty cat.  

Connect with the Author:

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