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Release Day Blitz: Kiss Me If You Can by Cheryl Terra

Kiss Me If You Can by Cheryl Terra is out now! Check out the gorgeous new romcom and be sure to grab your copy!

Title: Kiss Me If You Can

Author: Cheryl Terra

Genre: RomCom

About Kiss Me If You Can:

There are three things you need to know about Nellie Belanger:
  1. She hates apologizing.
  2. She loves exploring her sensuality.
  3. She absolutely does not want a serious relationship with anyone… extra emphasis on “one.”
Which is why no one can ever find out about that one sizzling afternoon she spent in JP Marchand—aka her best friend’s brother’s—bedroom three years ago. After a chance encounter with her former professor, the semi-reserved and gorgeously attractive Ben, becomes unexpectedly steamy, Nellie thinks she’s in for the summer of a lifetime. But when she offends the wrong person with her joyfully promiscuous attitude, it looks like three years of irritatingly flirty attempts to get her to call him are going to pay off for JP. At least, until an ill-advised promise backfires and leaves her at odds with the one person who could ruin everything: her increasingly demanding and image-obsessed father. Kiss Me If You Can is a spicy new adult romance with both best friend’s brother and an age gap involving a teacher. It is part of the If You Can series. These spicy new adult romance novels follow Nellie Belanger, an unapologetically sensual college student, on her journey from bed to bed and features multiple love interests/spicy partners with no love triangles or cheating. While recommended for maximum enjoyment, the prequel novella The Boy Next Door does not need to be read to enjoy this first book in the series.

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About the Author:

Cheryl Terra writes romantic and adult fiction with drama, sass, and a whole lot of... spice. Emotional and humorous, her books focus on contemporary relationships, inclusive characters, and happily ever afters. Living with her husband in northern Alberta, Canada, Cheryl relies on the heat between her quirky and memorable characters to help keep the gas bill down in the winter.

Connect with the Author:

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