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Release Day Blitz: This Side of Wrong by Nicki Grace

THIS SIDE OF WRONG by Nicki Grace is now available! We’re so excited about this hot new erotic thriller–check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: This Side of Wrong

Author: Nicki Grace

Genre: Erotic Thriller

About This Side of Wrong:

Blaze’s hand closes around my neck, pushing me to my knees, and I remind myself that I wanted this. I yearned for this experience, craved his touch, and it’s the reason I find myself in this situation. Merely days ago a man lie dead at my feet and it wasn’t the first time that death nearly claimed me. I thought I was escaping the pain and memories when I moved here a year ago, but it seems the lurking dark cloud of destruction has followed me. The only man that can keep me safe fears he will ruin me, but I’ve wanted him for far too long to stay away. If I can handle the threats made on my life, surely I can handle him. Then again, maybe I should heed his warnings because, even though he is the only man I can trust, he is also a ruthless assassin.

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About the Author:

Nicki Grace is an Atlanta native with a bachelor’s in business and a Masters in Marketing. As a wife, mother, author and designer, she is addicted to writing, spas, laughing, and sex jokes, but not exactly in that order. Her comedic personality and unique upbringing by an illiterate but fiercely strong mother and a courageous, prideful father, made her view of the world pretty unconventional. Luckily for you, someone gave her internet access, and now you get to experience all the EMOTIONAL, EXCITING, SHOCKING, and HOT ideas that reside in her head. She loves to have fun and lives for a good story. And we’re guessing so do you!

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